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Dump error during transactional data load to aDSO in BW (S/4HANA)

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We are trying to load transactional data, either from S/4HANA and Flat files, but are getting the following dump error:

Category: ABAP programming error

Runtime Errors: BCD_OVERFLOW


Application Component: BW-WHM-DST

Shot text: Overflow during an arithmetic operation (type P) in program "CL_RSBK_REQUEST_STATE=========CP".


At first sight it seems to be an error related to a field type P, probably its length, however, we had tried several scenarios with fields type INT4, CURR, DEC, FLTP, etc. and anyway we got the exact same error. We also had tried to load data from S/4HANA and Flat file, the most basic one with a characteristic and a number 1 as key figure (Integer not a type P), with same results. Finally, we had tried some other options such as using an Open ODS View as a source (via SDA), data sources created in RSO2, etc., but we got the same error.

Our project requires to have, either virtual and persistent data from sources such as S/4HANA and Flat files, we are currently stopped because of this. We are working on SAP BW 7.51 SP6 embedded in S/4HANA.

Could you please, help us? Is there something else we need to do in order to load transactional (persistent) data. This doesn't happens with master data, only trasactional.


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Active Contributor

It's look like your Keyfigures has the data conversion issue. Initially try to load into PSA and verify


Thanks for your answer Shanti, I finally solved it by using standard Key Figure /ERP/DI_RATE instead of the custom Key Kigure I was trying to use. I can't explain why this happened because the custom KF is exactly the same as the standard one.