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Dual data sources, dual date formats

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Post Author: Mack

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My question is this...

Using Crystal XI I've written a report and subreport to combine records from two Oracle dbs to provide a monthly activity cost report. The date format in the main report data is mm/dd/yyyy, and in the subreport data it's MMM-YY. I'm able to report one month at a time(using separate date parameters in each report, main & sub) but now need to produce a YTD report.

How can I handle the date format difference when providing a date range? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Post Author: SKodidine

CA Forum: Formula

Hello Mack, I received your message but am unable to repond to your message, so here goes:

If you are able to generate the report month by month then you should be able to generate it for a whole year grouped by each month.

Let's get the main report working for YTD before we tackle the subreport.

For the main report, (for testing purposes) add a new static parameter value, say YTD. In your main report, group by the date (by month). In your selection criteria put a if-then or case statement.

Select {?My parameter}

case 'YTD':

{} in YearToDate // if the selection is for YTD then you will get all records based on the date from the begining of the year.


"However you have the selection setup right now";

Test it and see if the data is grouped by month of the current year from January to September. If that works then we can work on the subreport.