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DTP with time-dependent read master data rule

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Hello all,

We are using time-dependent master data, and we would like to specify in the DTP which date should be used to access the master data.

In the DTP extraction folder there is a field called 'Key Date for Master Data', but in the transformation there are only options 'current date' (that goes always to sy-datum), 'constant date' (that creates a constant) or 'frm' (that allows me to use only a value that is in the source_fields). I cannot find the option to put in the transformation the usage of the reference date entered in the DTP.

Does anybody know how can I use the reference date in order to get the correct master data in the rule?

Thanks and best regards,

Flavia Sanchez

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Hi Flavia,

Sorry this has nothing to do with your question but I just came accross you while looking up points on Master Data.

Are you still in Basel?

Anthony (ex- Saverne