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DSO data activation error - transaction rolled back by internal error

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Hello, experts!

We have the problem with DSO data activation:

error during in-memory activation: transaction rolled back by internal error: failed to activate dso with persistent changelog: [129]TableUpdate failed

We solved this problem with data filter, which reduce the number of records in the request of the activation. At first time the size of request was about 150 million records. Over time the solving of this periodical error reduced the number of records for activation to about 10 million records.

Problems with similar symptoms we found in SAP Notes. For example, the popular note "2137967 - Error during in-memory activation of DSO" is about actions with secondary indexes. But our DSO is without secondary indexes.

We suspect, that cause of the problem in SAP Application Server. But how to check this and what to look first, we don't know.

If you know this problem, please tell us how to solve.



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