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DSO activation issue due to Characters that have a hexadecimal display between HEX00 and HEX1F

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Hello Experts,

I have a problem Activating the DSO where I have upload from DSO 1 to DSO2

DSO 1 is write optimised.

DSO 2 is standard one where I have so many values where I have invalid char thats Characters that have a hexadecimal display between HEX00 and HEX1F.

Brain message BRAIN290.

I have too many records where I cannot edit each record.

I have value like below where the char could be tab, space which is displayed as # in BI.

This value is preventing to activate the DSO.

I tried debuging and changing the values but as there are too many records cannot do it for each record.

Value "MMI® Navigation Мультимедиа интерфейс Au" from characteristic YCDESCR1 contains an error at position 16

Value in Active data table

MMI® Navigation Plus#Мультимедиа интерфе

# is the cause.

Like above I have so many records.

I have ALL_CAPITAL set in RSKC but still it does not work..

Please advise its urgent to activate this DSO.



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'#' may be for any character not interpreted by BW, for eg: it may be a line separator.

Using the below routine would result in replacing all characters not in the list from RSKC to be replaced by 'space'.

Since this works at Field routine level the data loading time will be affected and the should preferably be used for lesser volume of records.

Please do  a test load to make sure it filters out only the characters that are not required.


Data: positn type i,
        Field1 type /BIC/fieldname.

Field1 = source package-field name.

IF source package-field name is not initial.

Field1 = source package-field name.

  sy_pos = 0.
  Do 60 Times.
    IF Field1+positn(1) CN
' ~!@#$%^&*()_-=+{}[]\|;:",<>/?0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'.---* please copy all letters from RSKC and paste it here. Check if it includes all languages.
      Field1+positn(1) = ' ' .
    postin = positn + 1.

  Condense Field1.