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DSO activation failed due to lower case

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Hi All,

DSO activation failed due to lower case, so i have deleted the request from the target.

I have edited the error records in PSA, but i am not able to see the option to push the data from PSA to Target, because the DTP pulled the data previously.

One more point is second regular delta data loads came in and loaded till DSO , activation is pending, but there is no red request in the target.

Question :

How will i load the 1st delta request from PSA to Target ?



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Answers (3)

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Since you have edited the PSA records so you will find a option of UPDATE WITH SCHEDULER in the PSA. Do that and give necessary selection criteria and the target as the DSO, then schedule it. The records will be updated in the DSO and then activate it. It will do the needful as i have done it many times.

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Hi ,

As you mention that you have corrected all the records in PSA so the only thing left is to load fron PSA to DSO.

We will use DTP delta load for this.

Trigger this DTP sourse as PSA and target as DSO and activate this request.

Or we can use option available Handle Lower case in these kind of cases.

Hope this will help you..



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Hey. I would just delete the subsequent load that came in and is waiting for activation. The next DTP delta should get all the records again. I'm assuming you weren't using te error stack.