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DropdownBox + Chrome browser zoom = error

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Hey experts,

I've noticed something when you are zooming your Chrome window. When opening a DropdownBox you might get the error:

"Uncaught Error: "35.4545" is of type number, expected int for property "scrollTop" of Element sap.ui.commons.ListBox#Cities"

The way to reproduce:

Open Chrome and navigate to SAPUI5 SDK - Demo Kit where the DropdownBox is presented, open your dev tools console, zoom in to 110% f.e. and click on the second DropdownBox ("Walldorf"). The error should pop up.

It doesn't seem to happen in FF or IE.

Is this a known bug which gets addressed at some point?

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Answers (2)

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there might be problem with the onClick event  with respect to drop down box, also same time it is trying to scrollUP for the list box, which is not happening in the chrome browser.

so you can try with this..

var oDropdownBox2 = new sap.ui.commons.DropdownBox("DropdownBox2", {tooltip:"City", displaySecondaryValues:true, "association:listBox" : oListBox1, value:"Berlin"})

because "Walldorf" is the 3 rd element from dropDown, default is set to that. due that its not able to scroll up that list. if you use "Berlin" scroll up is working properly, for other values it wont. from list perspective Berlin is the default first element. hence its working.



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I can confirm that. Same here.

After another click on Walldorf window is scrolling to the top of the page.