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DownPayment Information in Manage Purchase Order App

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Hello Experts,

We are trying to create a Purchase Order using Manage Purchase Order App (Fiori) and enter the downpayment information (e.g., downpayment category). In this app we are not able to find out fields where we can fill in down payment details to the supplier.

When we open ME21N in S4HANA GUI, the downpayment feilds (e.g., downpayment category) are visible.

Below are some screenshots:

Screenshot in GUI for test data:

Screenshot in Manage Purchase Order app (Fiori):

Could anyone provide any input why it is possible only in ME21N in GUI and not possible in Manage Purchase Order app in Fiori to enter downpayment information directly in the purchase order. We tried to search for some SAP Note to see if this is some limitation, but did not succeed.

Thanks and Regards


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