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Download file from process chain

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Hello experts,

i have just created a data model and report from flat file(CSV) in BW 7.0.

I understand that if I want to include the extraction from the DataSource into the InfoPackage in the process chain, the CSV file needs to be on the Application Server.

The external database is being updated with new data daily. There is a URL - - that when accessed, deliveres the updated flatfile from the database.

My question is: can i integrate this download in a process chain to be automatically triggered, so that every morning I have the updated data in the report?


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Hi Andrei,

Am not sure how to execute the url using the process chain. But still we can check whether the file is available in the application server or not.

We have a process variant called OS Command, using this variant type we can check whether the file is available or not for some tim intervals. In case file is availabe then the next process will trigger else it will keep on searching for the file until it finds.