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Download api specs in developer portal

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Hey all.

Our partners would download in the developer portal the current api specs as json or yaml to generate an api client.

But i found nothing in the developer portal. And in the "SAP Cloud Plattform Cockpit" or the api portal give it no configs for this issue.

Then is it possible to get the api specs in developer portal?

Best Regards,

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Hi marcel.rableski,

In developer portal, you can download the SDK for every product hosted. After downloading the SDK, by following the instructions in SDK, you need to create a server. When this server is hosted in local system or in any server, you will be able to see the Swagger that was implemented in the APIs.

By default, I would say it is not necessary as the Swagger is visible in the developer portal when the product and API both are published but if you really want to host the API in your own server, you can use the SDK.

Br/Sai Sreenivas