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Download a project in Business Application Studio

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Product and Topic Expert
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Is it possible to download a separate project in BAS? I know a complete dev space content can be downloaded, and there I can extract one single project, but is it possible to just download one project within that dev space?

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As I track all my relevant projects via a external Git repository I don't see a need for such a functionality.

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Product and Topic Expert

Ah, great. Thanks for the info.

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Answers (2)


Hello Christer

Its simple , just right click on the project and click on "Archive Project", you will receive a pop up to download the project as zip.


Archiving is the right way to go. I tried the download function which downloaded the entire project, node modules et al. resulting in a tar-file +100mb.

With the archiving you can export the scripts to your project, resulting in only a couple of 100kb in a zip archive.

This was exactly what I was looking for.

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi kfch ,

I second gregorw that using git based scm should (must) be used as best practice.

having said that, BAS support the functionality of downloading a single project / folder / file. Right-click the project > Download. a tar will with all project content will be downloaded.

Regards - Raz

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Any way we can download in ZIP format?

Tar is a pain to open, you have to go to command line, and you can't visually see the content and pick files to view without having to untar the thing.