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Downgrade LM-SERVICE component from SP7 to SP6 possible ?

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i am in the solman_setup steps of SolMan7.2 and i am stuck in the "Infrastructure Preparation" step: in Point "2-Set Up Java Connectivity", at "Step Enable Connectivity" the "Check Java Software Prerequisites" FAILS, because i have installed LM-SERVICE Java Component Level 7.20 with SP7, and not SP6.

so my question is, can i downgrade LML-SERVICE only to SP6 or what i can do in this Situation ? downgrade with XML stack file or manually prepared Directory Fails.

thank you in advance


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Hello Charlie,

Just to get you right - you've got a SolMan 7.2 SP6 system and you have accidently imported the LM-SERVICE SP7 on the Java-stack, right? And now the systems are inconsistent?

Although fortunately I have not been in this situation I could imagine of 2 possibilities:

a) Update both ABAP and JAVA stack to SolMan 7.2 SP7 to be consistent again

b) Try to downgrade LM-SERVICE using SDM (software deployment manager)

Best regards,

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Hello Charlie,

I have made some tests on our sandbox Solman 7.2 SP07:

  1. I have tried to apply lower patch (We had >> patched to, which went OK.
  2. I have tried to apply lower service pack ( >> which went also OK (with some warnings in log files, of course).

Here are my steps downgrading from SP07 to SP06 on linux machine (should be similar on windows through cmd I guess):

  1. Download required LM service file (LMSERVICE06P_5-80000341.SCA) & upload to server & fix file user and permission
  2. Start telnet administration tool from system machine: telnet localhost 5<InstanceNumber>08
  3. Login with admin user (solman_admin or J2EE admin) and password
  4. Execute deploy command with option to deploy component in all cases: deploy <PathToLMServiceFile> version_rule=all
  5. Monitor server node in jcmon
  6. After node is stopped, restart CI and SCS
  7. Check System Info page for LM service version

Some documentation I have used:

Hope this helps!

As I guess you are working on Solman 7.2 SP06 I would still recommend upgrading to latest SPS as soon as possible - perhaps SP08 which should come out in early December due to two reasons:

  1. Backbone changes (
  2. 8 IS GR8!

BR, Jan

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How can you say that it fails because you have updated the LM-Service to SP7?

I would like to inquire what is your error?