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Doubts about SAP NetWeaver 04 partners phase 3 ramp up DVDs

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I need to have EP 6.0 running in a raw Solaris 5.8 64Bit machine (this machine does not have any SAP component/module). All I have is a set of DVDs (partners phase 3 ramp up) sent to us directly from SAP.

The issue here is that I am confused about how to start with the DVDs, since there is no further documentation on the package.

I know that I need to have at least Oracle 9.2.0 and SAP Web AS 6.4 running in this machine, before installing EP 6.0. However, I do not know exactly how to have those components ready.

I have started from the Master Installation DVD, which is supposed to install Web AS 6.4 and Oracle 9.2. However, at the end of the process, I had Web AS 6.30 and Oracle Then, I tried the Upgrade Master DVD over the first installation and got the same thing: Oracle and Web AS 6.30 (even if in SAPinst instructions was written that it would install 6.40)

How can I reach SAP Web AS 6.40 from the DVDs I have? Is it possible or I need to apply manually some support packages?


Fernando Urzedo

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Hi Fernando,

I think the problem you are asking about is as follows:

In the early releases of Web AS J2EE, the J2EE was incorrectly or confusingly named with the release number 6.30 (this was due to the limited Ramp-up piloting of J2EE 6.30).

When you patch J2EE with the later Sp-Stacks you will see that J2EE is correctly renamed 6.40.

I think you will find that your Web AS ABAP stack already has the correct 6.40 release number (if you installed it)

I hope this helps,


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Hi Mike,

I finally have an Web AS 6.30 SP3 working, but I am still stuck in this point.

When you suggested me to patch my Web AS 6.30, you are asking me to apply SP4 and then the latest one we have now (SP10, if I am not mistaken)? Or should I go straight to SP10?

Another question. I am trying to download SP4 from I can see several SAR files and if I look for all the pieces, I only find 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4. Do you know where is the last part, 4/4?

Thanks a lot


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You will find part 4/4 in the "#OS independent" download section of "SAP J2EE ENGINE".

Kind regards,


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Hi Mike,

I hav e patched my WebAS 6.30 SP3 to SP4, but I still have the web page and the admin tools telling me that I have a 6.30 SP3! What is the issue?

I have applyed the following files as SP4 (all of them downloaded from SWDC):





I did not receive any error during the patching.

Thanks a lot!

Fernando Urzedo

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I forgot to mention that my version.txt also displays that I am running a 6.30 SP3 software.