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Don't include content when migration Web Page Composer from 7.0 to 7.4

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Hello expert,

I need to migration Web Page Composer from 7.0 to 7.4. I have exported some file type Web Page from 7.0 and imported to 7.4. After finished, the files directly to folder of Web Page Composer but I found that the items is type folder instead of web page like as 7.0

Please help me to advise

Thank you so much,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Cuong,

It's not possible to transport WPC content between an EP 7.0 system and EP 7.40 system. The reason for this is that portals on EP 7.0X run WPC 1.0, while portals on EP 7.30 upwards use the much more comprehensive WPC 2.0 application. WPC 1.0 content is not compatible with WPC 2.0 and there is a very different application structure between to two. For example, the /wpccontent repository used to store WPC 1.0 content is no longer used. Instead, the Staging Area (/pccdesign) and Global Shared Content (/pccshrcontent) repositories have been introduced.

When upgrading a portal from EP 7.0X to EP 7.30 (or higher), the WPC Migration converts and moves the old WPC 1.0 content so that it may be used with the new WPC application. For this reason, it's recommended that the content be migrated (as part of the portal upgrade) and after this it may be transported between portals using WPC 2.0. For example, in the scenario described here, it would be recommended that the EP 7.0 portal be upgraded to EP 7.40. During this process, the WPC content would also be migrated for use in systems higher than EP 7.0X. After the migration is complete, it can then be transported and used in EP 7.30, 7.40, 7.50 systems etc.

Note however that when transporting WPC content between EP 7.0X systems, it should be performed using the KM Transport functionality and it's necessary to ensure that the GUID parameter is selected for the transport - see SAP Note 1600558 for further details.

When transporting WPC content between higher portal versions (EP 7.30 upwards), it's necessary instead to use the WPC Transport functionality rather than the KM Transport. Please see the following Wiki for further details on this -

Kind regards,


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I moved your question to KM; I believe the guys there will be able to assist you.


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Thanks Fabio,

Currently, i don't see the answers, please help.