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Does SAPlpd pass data to my printer driver?

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I am now using SAPGOF device type and trying to print data to my printer. I use "F:Printing on Front End Computer" on my Spool Administration setting.

I expect the SAPlpd is sending data (SAPGOF data) to my printer driver, then the printer driver will be doing something before it sends the data to Windows Spooler to print.

Is my understanding above correct?

Someone told me actually SAPlpd will not use printer driver in this case, but the SAPGOF data is sent directly to the Microsoft Windows Print Manager. So the printer driver will not receive the SAPGOF data.

Is the above statement correct?

How to verify it?

Please advice.

Thanks and best regards

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SAPlpd is a transfer program for print output using a Microsoft Windows operating system. Generally, we use 'Remote printing with windows os'. In this case host spool system (Microsoft Windows spooler) and the spool system (application server with a spool work process) are on different hosts with remote printing using Microsoft Windows, the SAP spool system requires an external process that transfers the output requests from the SAP spool server to the Microsoft Windows spooler. This process is provided by the SAPlpd transfer program.

SAPlpd doesn't know the underlying printer h/w including driver itself. It just transfers the data from SAP system to Windows OS spooler. Then windows host spooler will send the data to printer driver.

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