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Docu on Delta Handling?

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I really like the concept of Delta Handling in BSP Applications, because it avoids the usual "flickering" of the whole page if you only work in one special section of the page.

I tried to look for documentation on this but I couldn't really find any. Can anybody provide a link or something.

I tried to switch on Delta Handling (setting the flag in the controller and adding Delta Handler Blocks) but it seems that it is not activated (how can I tell anyway? Only from the page's source code?).

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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Delta Handling is a fickle beast. Even within the BSP support team at SAP it is supported on a "Best Effort" basis. That means that if you can't get it to work in your application, their best advice is to turn it off.

I have gotten DH to work in some of my applications. Sometimes it provides a nice effect and a good performance boost - other times it completly screws things up.

The best information I can give you is - you application must be stateful. DH only works in IE. Also you must set the DH flag on the properties of the View and the Controller - from the highest level controller on down.

I'm afraid you won't find much detailed documentation on DH. To know if it is turned on, you usually can peak at the generated source code on the client. DH source will look VERY different.