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Do it have any method to show message while SP return @@error in Crystal Re

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Hi, Experts

Can It show message while my sp return @@error in Crystal report??

I am creating a Report which value comes from SP,

and I write a error number will return if error occur

, so I hope when I pass in parameter into CR,

if occur error , then it can return message(which I definition in DB).

Is it possible to show message which occur in CR runtime??

Thx & Best Regards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Dean,

Not getting your exact requirement.

Would you like to show the error message thrown by crystal engine or you would like to show your own error message description?


Chinmay Athavale

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Hi, Chinmay1009

Thx for reply,

sorry about that

ok,I want to show the error message thrown by crystal engine.

Becuase I had defined the error number in sys.messages,

so I hope while Sp occur error runtime, it will return a error number

, and CR can show the err.number and err.description.

Is it possible to do this??

Thx & Regards

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Hi Dean,

Try creating a Alert condition in Crystal Reports, however this will display the custom error message given in the alert condition.

I am not sure about displaying error message from Crystal Engine.

Hope this helps!!!


Sumit Kanhe

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Thx Sumit

I will try it in company

This is useful, thx A lot.

Best Regards

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