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Displaying non printable characters. Can this be done?

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Our packaging uses crystal reports for labels.

We buy our labels reprinted they come in 4 different variations. they are all identical except the warnings on the labels which are reprinted.

I want to generate the label via crystal, then have the user insert the labels into the black and white printer for printing the ingredients.

* I wanted to know when the label is printed if on the label I can add text which will tell the end user which label to put in Label A,B,C or D

but I don't want this actually printed on the label.

I can create 2 reports one telling the user which pre-printed label they will use, the 2nd the actual label report, but it would be nice to have one report that flags the user.

EG: Label A required

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Using a Parameter would work based on some flag in the report for which label to use.

Make the parameter file as small as possible so it doesn't show or print anything

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