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Display not imported mime objects

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In all examples and documentation I have seen regarding display of images is said that: ...first you import the mime object (picture.jpg) and then ....

This can't be the only way.

If I want to make a webshob with images (jpg) of all the materials/products I want to sell, I don't want to go to SE80 and import a new mime every time a new entry is created in the material master.

What is the right/easy solution ?

Best regards

Thomas Madsen Nielsen

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Answers (2)

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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We used WebDAV to manage the mimes from Windows Explorer. First be sure to activate the BSP_DEV node in SICF. You can then create a network location in Windows Explorer that maps to the URL of the BSP_DEV service. You should then be able to perform any operations to the files that Explorer allows. We used this to copy large numbers of files into the Mime Repository.

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Hello Thomas,

you're right, this is annoying.

What we did once was to create an absolute path for the prodct images which have been stored on a regular web server of our customer.

We introduced a custimzing variable for the url and added only the name of the picture which corresponded to the material no.

This absolute path was link to our image

Regards, Bernd