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Dispatcher is being stopped

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Hi All,

Our dispatcher is getting stopped even after restarting it in Identity Center but the same is still running at windows level. Can anyone let me know how to resolve this ?



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Answers (2)

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Hi there,

Is this dispatcher on the same server or a different server?


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Hi Kalyan,

Prior SP8, I had faced this issue many times. I encounter this error when there are deadlocks in database (Check with DB admin) or if large no of entries are getting processed in background (I used Oracle EM tool to check with procedures are executing, check with DB admin for help). Usually I wait for sometime and the status changes "Running". My worst case was it took over a night to get back to normal.
SAP recommended upgrade to SP8 (latest available that time) in which deadlock and run time thread handling are optimized, and since upgrade I haven't faced this issue yet. It is good idea to split the large processing into batches as well.

If no help here, raise an incident with SAP so that they can check your database and advise accordingly.

Kind regards,