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Disable Adobe Reader Toolbar in InteractiveForm UI Element

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear Colleauges and Experts,

in ESS/MSS we can display a payslip, when we using the component HRGRT_FC_DOCUMENT_DISPLAY.

The component use the UI-Element InteractiveForm to display a SAP SMARTFORM.

When we open the application, then we get the Adobe Reader Toolbar in our Formular.

Is it possible to hide the print button or the toolbar?

I try it with the following code on WDDOMIDIFY, but the button and the toolbar is enabled all the time.

DATA l_interactive_form TYPE REF TO cl_wd_interactive_form.

l_interactive_form ?= view->get_element( `PDF_FORM` ).

DATA l_ifba_hndl TYPE REF TO if_wd_iactive_form_method_hndl.

l_ifba_hndl ?= l_interactive_form->_method_handler.

l_ifba_hndl->set_hide_toolbars( abap_true ).

l_ifba_hndl->SET_DISABLE_PRINT_BUTTON( abap_true ).

Does anyone knows a solution for these?

Best regards,


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Answers (1)

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Dear Jeny,

Please check SAP standard test application DEMO_IFBA_TOOLBARS.

Here you can find the needed coding in view MAIN method WDDOMODIFYVIEW line 63-64.

TRANSLATE l_disable_print_button USING 'X  X'.

  l_ifba_hndl->set_disable_print_button( l_disable_print_button ).

Best regards,