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Dinamic navigation (parameters...)

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Good afternoon,

I have an iview of KM navigation (

I need that the users access to a folder or to another depending of assigned groups or other parameter.

It can be done with parameters?, with query?

As I can do it?

You can tell me a example?

The path is:


In this folder exist folders (TF02, TF04, TF06...) and each user should have access to his folder


Mercedes F.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mercedes,

I have no idea if there is a way to solve your problem via parameters o querys. But if you have groups of users, you can use them to set the folders permissions depending on the group.

Users that are in a group that has no permisions in one folder, won't see it in the navigation iview.

Hope that helps a little.


Gregori Coll Ingles.

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Yes Gregori,

When I to give permission on the folder, the subfolders inherited them, then the user saw all the folders.



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Hello M.,

It works like this

folder A > A1 > A2

If you add user 1 and 2 on the permissions for folder A these are copied to A1 and A2.

If you remove the user (2) from folder A1 only user 1 can see folder A1. But be careful there exist a function "reset child permissions" on folder A if you press this it copies all permission from folder A bach to all subfolders.

In you case it would be like this.

Folder A > everybody read permission

Folder A1 > person (1) full control

Folder A2 > person (2) full control

To avoid the automatic copying of right you can work with links.

Folder A > everybody read permission

Folder B1 > person (1) full control is made in a other path

in folder A you make a link to folder B1.

Hopes this help. Otherwise just check the manual.

Frederik Defour

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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If i understand correctly the problem you want each user to have it's own folder.

- This can only be done by setting permissions on each folder ex. folder TF02 -> details > permissions > user A full control ... and so on. If only this one user or group has permission to this folder only this group or user will see te folder.

- If you want to five each user a portal folder you could use the personal folders instead. By default in NW04 a folder is created for each logged on user.

Could you please be more specific what you mean by parameters ...?

Best regards