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Dimension property flag that can be called by calculated measure using -1, +1 instead of a text

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We are looking for some ideas for our SAC Planning prototype. We are exploring the dimension properties trying to achieve some flexibility in obtaining several calculated measures.For our Date dimension, we added a property name Flag having the values PC+0 (for current year) or PC-1 (for previous year, or PC+1(for next year), etc.The idea is to update this property each year, and to use it in Data Actions (this is working as expected), but also for some calculated measures.Any idea how to read only PC+0 (active PC, active year) and calculate -1 and +1 in the calculated measure?

Also, any idea how to read another dimensions property in the calculated (model) measure?We can have Planning Cycle, Iteration, Scenario, and it is possible to add all of those as Version properties, to specify which exactly are the active one, and create the calculated measures based on those.Unfortunately, with Lookup, or Restrict formulas, we cannot addressed multiple properties of the same dimension.I tried to restrict a dimension, based on a property of other dimension, without success.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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For +1 / -1 calculation, have you also tried to property with integer type ?

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