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Difficulty Configuring DATA Sphere Instance in BTP Account: Missing Service Plans in Entitlements

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We are currently encountering obstacles while attempting to configure a DATA Sphere free tier instance within our BTP (SAP Business Technology Platform) account. We have been using the following link for reference to set it up:

SAP Datasphere: Getting Started with SAP Datasphere for Free | SAP Blogs

Despite navigating to Entitlements > Add Service Plans, we are facing the following issues:

  1. Cloud Foundry Runtime: The Cloud Foundry runtime appears to be unavailable or inaccessible within the specified location.

  2. Missing Free SAP Hana Cloud: Additionally, we are unable to find the free SAP Hana Cloud service within the Entitlements section.

  3. Also the options seem to be appearing in the aforementioned blog are different than what's available to us, here is the screenshot for reference:

Can someone suggest the possible solution?

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I had a similar problem:

For the first setup from 'SAP BTP Cockpit Global account' - 'Configure Entitlements' - 'Add Service Plans' I was able to select the entitlement 'Cloud Foundry Runtime' with the available plan 'free (Environment)'.

Then I deleted the subaccount for some reason.

Repeating the above procedure for a second time the entitlement 'Cloud Foundry Runtime' could not be found any more. Only 'Cloud Foundry Environment' was visible, not 'Cloud Foundry Runtime'.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi irum.raza,

The blog you linked here refers to the creation of a Pay as You Go Global Account - where customers can get a hold of a BTP account which would entitle them to have access to BTP services on the "Free Tier" plans. It is usually used a starting point for customers that want to experience BTP and create some custom implementation there that would eventually become productive - so they can easily switch to other plans is they wish.

It is important to mention that "Free Tier" is not the same as "Trial". Free Tier is only available when there is a customer contract involved - which translates to a PAYGO or a CPEA Contract. PAYGO means you can create service instances that have a price per usage and will pay later at the end of the month. There is also a PAYGO for Partners contract in which the services cannot be used for production - just for testing, demos and development. Whereas a CPEA contract means you pay for a certain amount of BTP credits in advance and any service instance created will incur a debit in the credits purchased at the end of each month. There is also a Subscription Contract, which will have a BOM associated with it. Such contract means your Global Account will have a certain fixed set of entitlements at a fixed monthly fee. Therefore, there is no "Free-tier" plans for any kind of BTP services in a Subscription contract.

I've checked the Datasphere service availability on the Discovery Center website (below) and the Free Tier plan is only available at AWS and Google Cloud datacenters. There is no "Trial' plan for it - so you won't find it on any trial accounts.

Please review if you indeed are using a Global Account that supports SAP Datasphere:

a) Make sure your contract is under CPEA or PAYGO - if you are not sure, then you must get in touch with a SAP Sales Rep to help you find that out. As a rule of thumb, if you have purchased BTP via SAP Store, they you have PAYGO. Otherwise it could be Subscription or CPEA.

b) Then create a sub-account on one of the supported Data Centers listed on the link above under the "Free" tier plan. Those are the only ones which will enable you to add the entitlements required for Datasphere.

Best regards,