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Difference of the 2 version of HANA Express edition Virtual Machine

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Hi all,

I've deployed the 2 versions of HANA 2.0 Express Edition on VM :

  1. Server onyl virtual Machine => Call it HANA
  2. Server + Application Virtual Machine => call it SHINE

I expect that the 2nd version is the one with SHINE demo applications. But I realize that they are not installed.

I expect that the 2 servers has the same component but on 2nd version ther is some sample applications deployed.

On the SHINE version I succeed calling xs :

hxeadm@shine.home:/> xs -v

Client version: xs v1.0.41

Server version information:
   name                    = XS Controller
   support                 =
   build                   = v1.0.41
   version                 = 1
   user                    = <not set>
   description             = SAP XS Runtime on premise
   controllerEndpoint      = https://hxehost:39030
   authorizationEndpoint   = https://hxehost:39032/uaa-security
   loggingEndpoint         = <not set>
   allowDebug              = true
   acceptEncoding          = gzip, x-gzip
   limits                  = memory: <not set>, apps: <not set>, app uris: <not set>, services: <not set>
   usage                   = memory: <not set>, apps: 38, app uris: <not set>, services: 30
   databaseType            = HANA_MULTI

Registered service URLs:
   deploy-service                    = https://hxehost:51004
   product-installer                 = https://hxehost:51006
   hrtt-service                      = https://hxehost:51009
   hrtt-core                         = https://hxehost:51012
   xsa-admin                         = https://hxehost:51015
   job-scheduler-service-dashboard   = https://hxehost:51030

while on HANA version I get unknow command :

hxeadm@hxehost:/usr/sap/HXE/HDB90> xs -v
If 'xs' is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package that contains it, like this:
    cnf xs

Because it's a VM I do not make any error while installing HANA (I did not install it). Both VM are connected via Eclipse.

Both XS Engire are up and running when calling URL :

http://hana.home:8090/ &


Why can't I use xs command line in Server only version (HANA) ?

Did I miss something ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As the names of the images say, the "server-only" has only the DB server component included. The "server + applications" version comes with the DB server component and the XS Advanced runtime (in that image alsos the XS client tools are pre-installed, therefore the xs command works).

The "server + applications" versions has not pre-installed the XS Advanced SHINE package. But you can add it manually. There are already a lot of different sources how to do that (e.g. you can follow the steps described on the Github page ( for a specific version).


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I agree that many things are missing in the server only. but I diasagree XS engine is present on the server only version :

XS Engire is up and running when calling URL : http://hana.home:8090/

So if i've well understood in the server only XS client tools are not installed, but XS engine is running....

Thanks for your answer. I stuck in deploying SHINE on Server + Application... but this is an other subject.

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What you see is the XS Classic Engine which is part of the server only version. But XS Advanced is not part of the the server only version.

By the way XS Classic was set to deprecated with HANA 2.0 SPS02 and will be removed with the next major version of HANA. So you should not start any new projects on that deprecated engine.

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Thanks for the informations.

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