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Difference of performance between table functions and Graphical views

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Hello all.

I'm having a curious performance problem in Hana.

I have a TF with some complicated logic and then a graphical view with just one node pointing to the TF.

So if I make a count(*) to the TF it takes 1 sec, and the same query but over the grafical view takes 30 secs.

Anyone has any explanation for this?

I need the help of some experts like lbreddemann 🙂


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Hey Juan,

please add a few more details to your question.

  • what HANA version are you using?
  • EXPLAIN PLAN output for both versions of the query.
  • If possible, screenshots of the PlanVIz.
  • If possible, show the code of the table function

Also, is the result of both SELECT COUNT(*) queries the same?

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Lars, just one more comments.

We noticed in the plan, that actually what is executed is the TF but adding the hint


We don't know why this hint is added, and we don't find much info about it in google.

But if we manually execute the select directly from the TF with this hint, it goes to 40 secs, and without it 2 secs....