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Diffence between c_hanaimp151 and c_hanaimp141 certifications

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Hi Expects ,

Can anyone explain me what is the difference  between the c_hanaimp151 and c_hanaimp141.

I am planning to attempt Associate certification in SAP HANA . Do i need to choose anyone of these two ?

Or they have  any validity ?


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Also want to know is there any significant difference in these two exams: c_hanaimp151 and c_hanaimp141.

Does this mean that 141 is a basic hana test and 151 has completely different questions and only about new features that comes with sp9 and sp10?

Does anybody has any progress investigating these question?

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Hi Anjaneyulu,

You can refer my earlier response on a different post for more information below

Which HANA Associate Certification exam are you planning to attempt?

As in the case of Associate exams like C_HANATEC141(SPS07) and C_HANATEC151(SPS09) there is a difference in the version of the below certifications

C_HANAIMP141 is for SPS07

C_HANAIMP151 is for SPS09 and SPS10:


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Hello Sunil,

   Is current C_HANAIMP151 (Edition 2015) on SPS09 & SPS10 both or SPS09 alone, please ?

    Is there any option choose SPS09 or SPS10 while buying the voucher, please ?



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Hi Venkat,

The Support Pack stacks SPS08, 09, 10... are all cumulative

With HANA evolving you mostly have new topics added in the latest versions

As indicated in the links I provided before confirms that SPS10 course material can be used to prepare for C_HANAIMP151 but it does not say it is mandatory to use SPS10 course material

When you purchase the voucher you will only see the certification code C_HANAIMP151. It will not have options for SPS09 and SPS10 so you should not have any confusion during the purchase

Hope this helps