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Developing and Assignig Page format to Printer

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My client is using Line Printer.

If I print my smartform with DINA4 page format printing happens in correct format with the problem of hight upper margin getting changed with cummulative effect.

So, I have to use the Z*** format confugured for the printer in use. This format is working fine in the Production, but in Development and Quality servers, all the matter is printed on first(one) page only(With all pages matter superimposed).

Hence I have developed a page format , but while printing error thrown as Page Device SWIN is not configured.

So, How to develop a page format for 12*10 inches and after developing how to assign the page format to Printer.

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try this steps,

in SPAD ---.Full Admin(push button ) --->Device Types ->Page Formats->In Change Mode --->Create a New -

> Assign Width and Height.....?



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Hi ,

The page format has to be created by the basis consultant . You only need to give the required dimensions of the page.

Once the page format has been created and transported to the required clients you can use it in the smartforms . It will be available in the page fromat drop down list .


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If you want to create page format.

Go to transaction SPAD - Spool administration...check that you are in full administration mode

On tab Device types click on Page formats...make sure you are i change mode...and make your own format.

To assign a device:

1. Goto SPAD tcode and enter the Full Administration button

2. Then goto the Device/Server tab,over there you will find the field Output Devices and click the Dispaly button beside the field.

3. Now please click the change button,after that u will see a create button.

4. Please fill in the details

i. Output Device : XXX , Short name :LOCL

ii. Device Type : SWIN : Windows printing via SAPlpd

iii. Host Spool Access Method F: Printing on Front End Computer

iv. Host printer :__DEFAULT

reward if it helps..