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Design Studio Geomap shape layer display NA value

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We are using Design Studio 1.6 SP03 to create a simple geomap shape layer on our dashboard.

But, I am facing NA value in shape layer for the measure that I selected.

Steps taken:
1) Add new data source (DS1) and choose BW Query. Select Customer, latitude and Longtitue and sales quantity on initial view.
2) Add new data source (DS2)and choose same BW query. Selection Region attribute and sales quantity on initial view.
3) Add geomap control on canvas and provide baseurl "{LOD}/{X}/{Y}.png".
4)On layer 1, choose shape layer and select measure and upload geojson file and select GeoJson mapping properties and mapping type.
5) But it display NA value and the geomap shape not display. Please refer attachment.

Please advise.


Please find the research link that I follow:

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Answers (2)

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Dear Tammy,

The link provided is not the issue that I faced currently.
My issue is the Geomap shape layer is showing NA value after I bind the measure. But this is not happen when I select point layer or chart layer.
Anyway after few testing, I realize that an attribute of an infoObject of BEX query, the shape layer unable to recognize it.

This issue can be close.

Could you please advise how details should I input if I face issue again and need help?

Thank you.

Wei Sia

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