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Desaggregation not in Hana with currency conversion with fixed time Ref.

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Dear experts,

I encounter an issue on an input ready report.

The structure contains:

- A key figure KF1 Input-Ready in Euros, with disaggregation value entered - Analog distribution.

- A key figure KF2 Not Input-Ready in Local Cur with Currency conversion to Euro (Conversion type with fixed time Ref.)

Then I set a breakpoint in the class CL_RSR_RRK0_PLAN (See Blog),

=> When I make an input on KF1, I see that the disaggregation is done in ABAP server.

Now if I change the conversion type to Variable Time Reference (Instead of with fixed time Ref.).

=> When I make an input on KF1, I see that the disaggregation is done in HANA.

Of course I would like to make the Currency conversion with fixed time Ref.

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Ronan,

disaggregation in a query is executed in ABAP if some key figure needed for disaggregation used currency conversion. This is because disaggregation on HANA directly used planning buffers on HANA and there we have support for currency conversion yet.

You say you disaggregate values of key figure K1 (without currency conversion); is this a disaggregation with self-reference or with respect to K2.

Maybe the effect you observe is a side effect of a bug fixed with note 2229615.