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Deployment issue from BAS to ABAP

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Hi Experts,

Currently I am facing an issue while deploying from BAS to ABAP Repository. I am not able to figure it out what exactly the reason for this issue, This error is occurring once we try npm run deploy command, can anyone help us on this.


ERR! builder:custom deploy-to-abap Deployment Failed. You can re-run deployment with the following command to get more detailed log information:

ERR! builder:custom deploy-to-abap MacOs/Linux: DEBUG=ux-odata-client npm run deploy

ERR! builder:custom deploy-to-abap Windows: set DEBUG=ux-odata-client & npm run deploy

Thanks in Advance !



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did you do search in the this forum?

for now you pretty much provide nothing

what's your environment? your abap server version......

detail error msg......

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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I agree, there is basically no information for experts to help you out.

Let me add, that you might start to which system you want to deploy (e.g. did you maintain the ABAP target system as destination?). If yes, you can (via the Command Palette / Ctrl+Shift+P) use the "Fiori: Open Environment Check" and paste the output here. That would give a hint if there is a configuration issue.

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Answers (1)

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Try this site;

Also, drop your package-lock.json and bump to the latest versions as it looks like you are using a old version of