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Deploying Struts Application

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Can any one please help me in putting the struts.jar as a global reference in the library.txt. I don't wan't to have the struts.jar to be included in the web-inf directory for all application. Instead I want it to be put at a commanon reference library and all applications to refer it. Thanks in advance.


Irudayaraj P

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Answers (1)

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Hi Peter,

Please check my reply in the WebAs general forum for troubleshooting details.

You must add some more references to make the classloading work :

                          • library.txt : ****************

library struts struts/struts.jar struts/commons-beanutils.jar struts/commons-collections.jar struts/commons-digester.jar struts/commons-fileupload.jar struts/commons-lang.jar struts/commons-logging.jar struts/commons-validator.jar

reference struts inqmyxml

reference struts servlet

reference struts jdbc

                            • reference.txt: ****************

reference MyStrutsApp library:struts

Best Regards : Iavor