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Dependent filter for value helps

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Hi Experts,

I have a fiori elements app generated with v4 metadata. I have added filter to the entityset for country and employee type using selection variant, same is represented as tabs. When i click open for employee value help, i want to pass the Country and Employee type as a dependent filter to the value help entity.

I want to pass the selection variant and the type as a dependent filters to the Personnel Number Value help.

Is this scenario possible using annotation? I tried using the @Common.FilterDefaultValue annotation, when i pass the value hard coded, they are getting added to the filter. How do i do that dynamically to pass the value of selected variant.

annotate service.Employees with {
Country @Common : { FilterDefaultValue : 'LU' }; EmployeeType @Common: { FilterDefaultValue : 'I' };
PersonnelNumber @( Common: { Text: PersonFullName, TextArrangement : #TextSeparate, ValueList : { $Type : 'Common.ValueListType', CollectionPath : 'Employees', Parameters: [ { $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterIn', ValueListProperty : 'Country', LocalDataProperty: Country }, { $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterIn', ValueListProperty : 'EmployeeType', LocalDataProperty: EmployeeType }, { $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterInOut', LocalDataProperty : PersonnelNumber, ValueListProperty : 'PersonnelNumber', }, { $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly', ValueListProperty : 'PersonFullName', } ] }, } );

Arun K

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