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Dependency Matrix for HANA, GPFS, and BW Support Package Stack

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I have experienced a dependency between the version of GPFS, HANA revision, and BW SPS in the past.

Is there a matrix somewhere or a note or somewhere in the PAM that I can't find?

For Example:

To go to HANA SP6 you have to be on at least BW SPS nn and GPFS nn?


To go to the latest GPFS version you have to be on HANA SP nn and BW SPS nn?

My current levels are:

  • SAP-IBM HANA 4 node cluster.  (Master, 2 Slave, 1 Standby)
  • GPFS Version
  • HANA SP5 Revision 50
  • BW SPS08

Possible Update scenario (We cannot apply BW SPs at this time and don't want to break anything.):

  • SAP-IBM HANA 4 node cluster.  (Master, 2 Slave, 1 Standby)
  • GPFS Version from
  • HANA SP5 Revision 58 from SP5 Revision 50
  • BW SPS08
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there is no such dependency matrix because IBM development is not testing all combinations of GPFS versions against all versions of SAP HANA - simply there would be too many combinations to test since SAP is releasing new revision every few weeks...

Generic recommendation for operation is to follow "IBM guidance" on what versions of GPFS (and other components) are recommended and to update them appropriately as soon as possible..

This can be very easily achieved using check script from SAP Note 1661146 - this script will check your appliance and give you recommendations on what needs to be changed (for example also giving recommendations about "incompatible" versions of GPFS versions or identified bugs).

I would also recommend to download operations guide from SAP Note 1650046 - this should be "bible" for SAP HANA appliance describing how it should be operated and what to do in various situations...

Both SAP Notes are being regularly updated - so there is need to regularly open them and download latest content...

Regarding your situation - GPFS Version is very archaic - currently latest version is GPFS (that was released yesterday) - I would strongly recommend to update your GPFS version...

In other words - as you are asked by SAP to keep updating SAP component in similar way you should be updating GPFS component as recommended by script in SAP Note 1661146 (please DO NOT update GPFS unless recommended by this note as not every GPFS version is approved for SAP HANA until it is trough fully tested and validate).

If you will be going to SAP TechEd 2013 in Las Vegas - then I would like to invite you to my session - "ITM225 - SAP HANA – IBM GPFSTM: Architecture, Concepts and Best Practices" where I am going to explain how GPFS works, how to operate it and what to do in various critical situations...

If you would like to discuss there we can also sit down and have a cup of coffee together and discuss your situation in detail...

Let me know if this helps...


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Very helpfull reply. 

I realize that they don't test every possible combination, but don't they test the GPFS version against whatever HANA DB revision is available at the time?

How can I be confident that the following would work?

  • Upgrade to GPFS
  • Upgrade to HANA SP5 Revision 58 from SP5 Revision 50  --or-- Upgrade to latest SP6 Revision
  • Leave BW on SPS08 (Cannot touch SAP at this time)

I will be at TechEd and will be attending your session.  My SLES admin who handles GPFS will be unavailable during TechEd.  Is there any way that I could get a copy of your presentation ahead of time so I can prepare any questions he may have?

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I think your point of view is not correct... IBM GPFS filesystem is file system - I do not see need to test versions with different combinations of SAP HANA revisions... IBM GPFS code is not dependent on SAP HANA and SAP HANA is not dependent on IBM GPFS - there is no interoperability, no joint development, no interfaces that needs to be in sync - we are speaking about two separate and independent things...

Of course when new version/patch of IBM GPFS is released then it is validated internally in Labs to confirm that SAP HANA is having no problems running on this updated version - but once validated it is assumed to be SAP HANA ready and it should support all SAP HANA setups and versions (both retroactively and well as future releases)...

Fact that there were some issues in combination to specific BW version is in my opinion related to some bug that was in IBM GPFS filesystem and which was revealed by specific workload of SAP HANA (meaning that SAP coded some routines differently between revisions which caused different workload and uncovered bug that made it unstable)...

What is important to understand is that this was possibly related to bug (other reasons I saw were related to human mistakes) - and bugs are not planned - so there should not be any need to cross check with obsolete versions of SAP HANA... using latest version of IBM GPFS should be way how to avoid all known bugs (regardless if they appeared or not on your system) thus having file system ready to host all SAP HANA revisions...

To answer your question - "How can I be confident that the following would work?" - for this purpose you have whole landscape and not just production. There is no 100% guarantee on any software that you will not hit bug... I would recommend to plan upgrade of SAP HANA and IBM GPFS to the same cycles and when you are testing stability of new SAP HANA revision you will automatically test also IBM GPFS...

I will be looking forward to meet you there and if you are interested we can then sit down and have a coffee and discuss this more in detail... I sent you the slides across email - but all of the were published on SAP TechEd site for download (for all sessions).

I hope I covered your points.