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Delta queue stuck

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Dear Experts

If delta records are stuck in the queue in R/3,

1. Why and what are the reasons typically ?
2. What is the impact of manually selecting such a record and click execute the LUW via SMQ1?

I resolved with reseting the status and reloading .

Thanks for reading.

Best regards


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Answers (3)

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there may be lot of reasons for the delta queue stuck. Mainly at that time system might be busy n due to which there might be resource crunch.

There is no harm in manually processing the hung LUWs.


Before reseting the status have you checked the source system job completed or not? If source system job is active its not advisable to reset the status.Have you tried to manually reprocess the hung LUWs rather resetting the entire load.

If LUWs are getting stuck more oftenly try to monitor the SM66 screen and also involve BASIS to monitor and check what is causing this issue.



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Dear KP

I have never tried manually processing the LUW before. Can we selectively process each LUW?


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Hi Pascal,

you did  the right one.

1. exact reason we cant say, (its varies from business to business design) there will be the one i.e : servers burden during your load(some times huge volume of data also)...if this is case then you run your loads during the time where there is no much burden on the server(your business permits).

When the load is not getting processed due to huge volume of data, or more number of records per data packet, Please try the below option

Try to reduce the IDOC size to 8000 and number of data packets per IDOC as 10. This can be done in info package settings and then load.

2. Manual selection of executing LUW's its not bad idea. about impact:as said by 2X U


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You did the correct thing.

Resetting the status in most cases is ok.

There is an OSS-note about this on what to do in case the queue is stuck.

Basically it says:

' check if the LUW is already in the BW system, if so delete it, if not reset the status'.

Why it gets stuck: no idea frankly.  This happens from time to time.  What I do know is that the system load has something to do with it.

If the system (ECC) is under heavy load, the chance on blocked queues increases.  But it's no 100% correlation.

Now, about the impact: what you did is reprocess the LUW.  so if it was not yet sent to BW (with another LUW) your delta will be ok.

If the LUW was already processed with another LUW then you might have double data for the concerning document.  But I never experienced the latter case.