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Delta management for appendend fields

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I have appended two fields to the datasource 2LIS_05_Q0NOTIF.

Is it possible to make this fields delta relevant. Currently changes in this fields will not give me a delta.

Many thanks in advance


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Answers (2)

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The datasource is driven by changes to the delivered fields only. However, if you create a new table and use the QM user exit to fill that table when changes are made to your appended fields .... then in the user exit, you can look up the data in the second table and append it to the records you are bringing across.

It's not perfect, but as long as you get a change on one of the standard fields -or- a new record, you will trigger the delta lookup for your added fields.

It's just a suggestion!


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nope, unless you write your own extractor on the entirety of the data ànd come up with your own delta logic

that's the downfall of extending "standard" extractors

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When you do enhancements by writing the code in CMOD it will be executed after the data fetch(extraction).Hence you cannot make them delta relevant.

Hope this helps.