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Delta load takes longer than Full load

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Currently we are doing full load every time it takes 15 minutes to complete the cube load. When I dod delta it takes 40 minutes .

I was adivse to do "Reorganize /BI0/F0FIGL_B10 to apply the values to all the table/index blocks".

If I do this in Quality and Production will it be huge impact in both the boxes.

Please let me know is this a correct solutions. I and expecting BW expert feedback for this .


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first of all you need to identify at which stage the time is consumed. Is it at extraction time or the posting time to PSA, ODS, Cube or maybe in some routines. You can get this info in the monitor of the request by checking the timestamps of the entries.

In your case I think it will be at extraction time and best way to find out what's going on is to schedule a upload and do a sql-trace for the extraction via transaction st05. Check the trace list for select statements with a long response time and check the indexes on the tables. You might need to create some indexes.



PS: I guess the reason is that in case of a delta some change documents has to be read by the extractor.

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