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Delta load into SAP Analytics cloud

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Hi, I am planning a product for a small business. The data size can be 20-30 GB in 10-15 tables. But delta every day will be in a few hundred MB every day. I am planning to export all data in files or can connect to tables directly. Once I load Initial data into SAP Analytics cloud then I am planning to load delta every day. I know we can sync SAC but can we load the only delta. I am still looking into this but thought if experts can guide me on this.



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Answers (2)

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If you are looking for delta loads for transaction data, you can use incremental loads option. But you should have a date field in the source tables.



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Hello kalpesh.pandey ,

While loading to a model, you have the following options.

Will any of this option help you in deriving your delta's?

Note: This is not available for Public dimensions. Its 'Update' by default there.

BR, Prabhith