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Delta Failed, Suggestions pls .

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Hi Guru’s,

I am loading data from ODS to Infocube from R/3 . I have selectively ran the Init Requests and Now it is getting the Delta Loads. It is a daily load which runs with the help of a process chain.

Now My Scenario ,

There has been some wrong Entries in the R/3 System on Wednesday . This is realized on Saturday . They were Corrected in R/3 on Friday. So in the Saturday Delta Load, It gets the corrected Records and even the Deleted records ( If I am not Wrong on the Concept) But within this time ,the Data has already been in to BW system . How to take care of ODS and Infocube with this particular case . ( ODS is set to Additive Mode)

My Understanding :

1) Delete the request from the ODS ( before this Delete the request from Infocube and maintain the Data mart Status) .

2) Delete the Request from the ODS and will this delete all the above Requests in the ODS also (as ODS deletes with Rollback Status) .

3) Init Req without Data transfer for Infocube from ODS.

4) As the Delta loads are already In, the changes are already in BW . So just to Load the requests into Infocube ( Delta) .

<b>Another Query :</b>

If we have a failed delta and If the Datasource doesn’t support repeat Delta , then Can I just Delete the Init Req from Infopackage and (Run Init without data transfer till that Selection for which the data is already in BW ) necessary ???, and Run a last init with data transfer with data selection ( for the only failed Req selection) . Will this work ??? and will my delta work from the Next day , Please suggest on this ?

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Hi Krishna,

You can first delete the requests from the final data target then delete the requests from the intermediate ODS so that you can maintain the data mart status flag.

After deleting the requests in the ODS you can repeat the deltas from RSA7 and correct the ODS data.

If you want to repair only few number of records that option is alos avaialable in R/3.