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Deleting released data in group reporting

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Deleting the group journal that has been released in group reporting.

I would like to delete the group entries in universal journal that has been released from the ‘Data monitor’ app. There is no mapping assignment done before the entries have been released.

I have tried redoing all the steps from executing the pre-requisite, assign the FS mapping and re-release the universal journal again for the respective consolidation unit, but the data did not overwrite and I am still unable to delete the data entries.

Are there any other ways I can delete and reverse all the transactions released from universal journal?

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Answers (3)

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I agree with @Liu lenalenaliu. Follow these steps. If this does't work and exceptonal case, please contact SAP Support team with the below information .

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi imzumi,

Assumption you’re talking about group reporting in S/4HANA Cloud.

First: You could refer to 2659656 - FAQ About SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Group Reporting.

Q: Can I delete the data released from universal journal?

This is not supported. However, for testing purpose or in exceptional case, you can use this workaround for deletion of released data:

1. Ensure that the Release Universal Journals task is not executed for the same consolidation unit by anyone else.

2. Delete the current assignment of FS item mappings in the Assign FS Item Mappings app. A warning displays that the mapping may already be used in transactional data. This warning needs to be accepted.

3. Release the data again for the respective consolidation unit in Data Monitor. Make sure you execute this step only for the desired consolidation unit and period.

4. Create the FS item mapping assignment that you deleted in step 1 again in the Assign FS Item Mappings app.

However, this workaround affects all consolidation units, therefore, you must be very careful to release data only for the consolidation units for which you want to reset the earlier released data.


Second, in case you changed the mapping after release, you could use realignment function.

You can realign the Group Reporting Preparation Ledger using the Schedule Jobs for Consolidation Tasks app.

You can use this scheduling job periodically to correct data in accounting, which was modified during a derivation process that occurred after the original posting in general ledger. When you run the job, the system selects the period data and clears the group reporting fields in accounting. After clearing, the predefined substitution rules are started again and are automatically applied to journal entries when they're posted. Then you can Release Universal Journals again.

Kind regards,

Liu, Lena

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Hi Lena,

I have tried this, but somehow it does not work. I am on Cloud 2308 and followed the exact same steps. Any idea what the problem may be?


Kind regards,


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You can use the fiori tile Copy Transaction Data.

If you select an empty period to copy from it is possible to select the option to delete target data.

I would recommend to use the test run before you perform the real copy.

This will reverse all the postings you now have in the period.


Martin Jul

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Hi, may I know what would be the expected outcome if the data has been successfully replaced