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Delay in the inbound of processing message in SAP PIPO from crontab job

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Hello All,

We have a Jason data format (JDF)-To-IDOC scenario where a third party (crontab job) sends JDF messages to PI Message Queue, from where the sender JDF channel picks them and converts them to IDOC-xml with the help of message mapping and delivers them to SAP S4/Han system through the IDOC receiver channel and messages were processed every minutes.

However several days ago, we have some issue and your help to understand is appreciated. The issue is there was a delayed pick when crontab job begun to send the messages. It made no. JS requests were sent and of course no. responses was received. After the delay was gone, the transactions in the messages were sent but overlapping each others. The messages converted multiple times with the same message id.

I have attached the pi communication channel monitoring: communication channels.


Please kindly help how to find out the root cause of this problem. What are the cause of the delayed of message proccessing. we have checked the crontab log but nothing. Thank you

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