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Defining webservice?

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Hi All,

Currently i'm working on Webservice->XI->RFC scenario and while defining webservice in ID we define provide values for the following URL.


my question is wht are the values do we need to provide for Host & Port and from where i can get values for these fields?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You can find the Host name-XI's ABAP StackSystemstatus--Hostname

You can find the IP -

open the SAP GUI Logon pad-click on change item--take the IP of Application Server which u have there

You can find the Port--5xx00, where xx is the System number. u can find out this from the SAP GUI Logonpad-change item



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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these are the steps for defining and deployinh web service.

these are the steps in your NDS

Step 1)

Goto Windows->Open Perspective->J2EE development.

Step 2)

Goto File->new->Ejb module(give project name).

Step 3)

Right Click on the <project name> eg. work_ejb select new->Ejb.

Step 4)

Give an appropriate EJB name and default package (eg.

Also select stateless Ejb.

Click next then next and then next.

Step 5)

Add method with an appropriate name.

Mention the return type and also assign the required parameters.

Logic is written in the EJB module bean.

Step 6)

Right click on the <project name> and build.

Creates .jar

Step 7)

Goto File->new->Enterprise Application project(to create EAR)

Step 😎

Give project name, assign EJB and build.

Creates EAR.

Step 9)

Right Click on the EJB.

Goto new->Web services.

Specify name of the web service.

Specify EAR in the WEB service.

Step 10)

Build EAR.

Build Ejb.

Step 11)

Goto Windows->Prefrences->SAP j2EE engine.

Give the message server host name.

Step 12)

Right Click on EAR and deploy.

Step 13)

Goto-> http://<host name>:<port no.>/index.(of your WAS on which you have deployed web service)

Step 14)

Choose the web service name,test it and download it(default WSDL).(This will include the entire URL including the host name and port)

Step 15)

Import port(WSDL) in External definition of SAP PI.

reward points if useful.



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Host : This is IP address of the XI landscape(It can DEV,QA,PROD)

Port : this is the port on which the Host will reside

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Hi Sami,

U Can defines these values for XI Server, If it is Development provide the development host name & port

Port name is like: 50000

Host Name:XI System name



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That is ur host name-> XI IP

and portnumber can be found out from XI url