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DB2 10.5 BLU conversion

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Hi ,

Can someone provide how we can convert non unicode partition database ( 12 partition) on DB2 9.7  to DB2 10.5 BLU . I have read and gone through various SAP notes and IBM links but did not get how above scnerio can be acheived mainly Partition database  .  Please provide SAP notes/Links which will explain partition database .

and what is limit of DB2 10.5 BLU database size which can be supported easily without any major issues ? Thanks in Advance !!


Manas Behra

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Hi Manas,

Regarding the size limits, there's a Bloor Research paper that says IBM have run a 100TB proof of concept with DB2 10.5 and BLU acceleration.  I don't have details but assume that was the uncompressed data size.

Regarding the conversion, I would think your options would be either (1) system copy or (2, and this is tenuous guesswork, you will need to verify viability), upgrade to DB2 10.5 keeping partitions, then gradually create single node BLU tables in the catalog node.  I am guessing this is possible but have not checked or tried this. Also SAP support for such a conversion may be non-existent; but you might be able to use online move to move tables to a single partition tablespace first, before converting to column-organized.

If you manage to convert all tables to single partition you can then eliminate the redundant nodes.  Certainly sounds an interesting project.


Jeremy Rickard

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currently DB2 does not support columnar ( BLU ) tables on partitioned databases.



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Hi Frank,

what do you mean with "currently". Does it make sense to wait a while before we are going to single partiton.

Will columnar (BLU) tables supported in the near future?

Best regards