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DB Host and Size and Requirements for SAP Data Hub 2.41 on AKS

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Hi Team,

I am trying to setup SAP Data Hub 2.4 on Kubernetes and I am not able to find any information regarding the DB storage requirements. Can any one please help me with the inputs on DB server sizing for SAP Data Hub.

Thanks in advance.


Narsimha Kantupudi

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Hello Narsimha,

SAP Data Hub does not strictly require a database but Kubernetes Persistent Volumes instead:

  • 3 times 1Gi for datadir-vora-consul
  • 10Gi for trace-hana-o
  • 128 Gi for data-log-hana-0
  • 3 times 50Gi for data-vora-dlog
  • 50Gi for data-vora-disk-0
  • 10Gi for layers-volume-vsystem-vrep-0

Best regards