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DATAPAKID in InfoSpoke

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Greetings Team,

With the Technical Key ticked for an InfoSpoke, I would like to inquire as to how the field DATAPAKID is being assigned when extraction is being performed.

As a sample scenario, an InfoSpoke has a Data Source containing about 50,000 records. The Lines per Data Package is assigned with 10,000.

How are the 10,000 records then being selected for each data pack? Will the first 10,000 records be selected from the Data Source as the first data pack (and follows the same pattern for the next sets)? Or is selection for each 10,000 records being done randomly?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Jon,

You cannot predict how the database selection is done, in that respect it is a random selection.

If you are using 7.0 data staging (with Open Hub Destination, a Transformation and a DTP), the you could use Semantic Grouping to influence the grouping of data during selection and packaging. I don't believe that this option is available using 3.x data staging.

Best regards,


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