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Database growth how could we plot ?

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Dear support,

I would like to know is there any way to plot database growth in oracle , as my cutomer needs reason why there is database growth of 2 GB in first week of month and why it was 0.5 GB in next week . Off course we can find how much Database growth happened by history option. but could we find out in which tables growth happened over last few weeks and why ?

One way is to maintain tables information over every week and then monitor growth in particular tables in next week , but i am talking about already passed weeks ( history ) . can we find those by history for last 2 weeks.As we didnt maintain any table level info.

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Easy enough to do with the free tools that are out there. I use orastat ( to get the database size, then threw some perl code together using GD:graph and present the result to our users/managers.

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Vince ,

Couls we use orastat on windows ,

please let me know.

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read on orastats's website:

What is 'orastat' ?

'orastat' is a FREE oracle CLI (Command Line Interface) unix based tool which I have written over the last couple of years. ' orastat' was written in Korn Shell (ksh) and used mainly on a Solaris box, although this does not limit the database on which it is monitoring (I have monitored oracle on AIX, HP-UX and Windows from a Solaris box).

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That information is available in DB02.

Not only database/tablespace, but also tables

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Hi Ajju,

We have format to maintain database growth, tablespace and database activities. End of the month we use to create chart which can gives rate of the growth.

I suggest this may help to record and analyze the database activities.

Reward points if helpful.



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even i have prepared the excel format for future but i want to know for past 2 weeks could we find out if we didnt record any data ( format ) before.