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Data Protection Workbench - How to update table ILMOBJ_DATASRC_S manually

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My BW system is BW on HANA with source as SAP ECC. We are working on a Data Privacy project where the non-existing Customer Data would be deleted based on the retention period from SAP ECC system and then the same should be deleted in SAP BW system using ILM Notifications through Data Protection Workbench. The ILM Notifications for the ILM Objects and its mapped Datasources would be brought into BW from ECC through Standard Datasource 0DPP_GEN_NOTIF. This Datasource basically gets its data i.e ILM Object related data from table ILM_NOTIF_DATA and ILM Object-Datasource mapping data from table ILMOBJ_DATASRC_S.

Our ECC team has already successfully created Notifications for few ILM objects like ISU_BBP, ISU_BCONT, ISU_BILL, etc.. But when I run the Infopackage (full update) for the Datasource, I am getting zero records only (I took care of all the pre-requisites like: Making sure that the ILM Business functions are active in SFW5). When I back tracked, I could see that the table ILMOBJ_DATASRC_S has only CA_BUPA ILM objects & its Datasource mappings whereas there is no Notification created for CA_BUPA in ECC yet. So, I am trying to see how to update the table ILMOBJ_DATASRC_S with ISU* ILM Objects and its Datasource mappings. I am not sure how this CA_BUPA ILM objects data came into this table, is it through any standard process? If so, can I add manual entry to this table in ECC system i.e add the ILM Objects and its corresponding Datasources? Request your help on this. Expecting any helpful answer on this topic.

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