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Data loads into multiple InfoObjects from 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT DataSource.

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Dear Experts,

I am working on SAP HCM-BW 7.0 Implementation and am trying to load data into 8 different InfoObjects (Texts) through 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT (Phrases) extractor.

There are many InfoPackages in place created during the previous project loading into different set of Standard BCT InfoObjects.

After migrating the 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT DataSource from 3.x to 7.0 version, I have created different InfoObjects with Transformations and DTPs upon business requirements to load them. The relevant data is available in 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT when checked in Extractor Checker (RSA3). However, when I create InfoPackages to load these different InfoObjects, I don't see the Data Targets listed and it makes sense since the data is first loaded into PSA and then will be loaded into Data Targets (in this case InfoObjects with Text) using DTPs.

My concern is... when I create a Process Chain to load Master Data into these Objects, the following action is happening:

1. Load 10 Records into PSA and then into InfoObject A. All 10 Records are loaded into A.

2. Load 5 Records into PSA and then into InfoObject B. Previous 10 + New 5 Records are loaded into B.

3. and it continues... for 8 InfoObjects.

My question is... is there are way that I can see the corresponding Data Target tab in InfoPackages so the Data is immediately picked from PSA of 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT DataSource and then loaded into the corresponding InfoObjects.

Or should I make use of Transfer Rules by Re-storing the 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT DataSource from 7.0 to 3.x version...!!

Your help is much appreciated.



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i too facing the same issue please let me know the solution.

i am using SAP bi 7.0 0EHS_PHRASES_TEXT is my datasource for the 11 different master data info objects and also using 11 different infopackage with the input parameter to load these master data.

As he said 1st master data loaded with the relavant data but 2nd master data loaded with 1st master data value + 2nd master data value.


Banupriya T

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My #1 suggestion would be to move the logic where you're deciding which EHS texts belong to InfoObject 1, from the InfoPackage to the DTP.

This way, you have 1 InfoPackage that pulls ALL EHS_PHRASE_TEXTS into the PSA. Then your DTP (or transformation start routine), Filters only the EHS_PHRASE's that you want loaded into the indiviual InfoObjects. If you have a question about how to do this let me know.

Option #2

Develop this logic into your Process Chain..

Delete All PSA requests

Run InfoPackage 1

Run DTP 1

Delete All PSA requests

Run InfoPackage 2

Run DTP 2

Delete All PSA Requests


Option #3

Build individual Datasources for each InfoObject.

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Hi Andrew

Thanks for your reply. I have already tried your #1 suggestion, however there seems to be some issues which I've elicited in the thread.

Could you please elaborate on this method so I can load the data successfully into my Data Targets (InfoObjects)?

Points assigned.



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Hi Chandu

There are some points I don't get in your explanation.

Why is the extractor delivering 10 and then 5. Is it delta?

But anyway.

I understand your requirement like this.

You have one datasource 0EHS_PHRASE_TEXT and 8 different infoobjekts. -> 1 infopackage, 8 transformations and 8 dtps.

I see two options.

1.) One is you load the data into psa in the first step of the process chain and then in parallel into each infoobject.

2.) You use the dtps to extract directly in full from the datasource. (That's what you might mean with direct picking the data.)



P.S.: or is there any selection in the infopackage "selecting" which infoobject you wish to get the texts for? That's a bit confusing. Sorry I don't know the particular extractor. But maybe me 2 cents are helping anyway.

Edited by: Andreas Gschwendt on Nov 4, 2010 11:00 AM

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Hi Andreas

Thanks for replying and sorry for the confusion.

The extractor is delivering 10 and then 5 because of different selection parameters in the InfoPackage "selecting" which InfoObject I wish to load the texts for.

Your understanding of my requirements is correct.

Could you please elaborate Option 1 bit more..!

Regarding your Option 2, I don't want the DTPs to extract directly in full from the datasource because by doing so, all the data apart from the relevant data is also loaded into each and every InfoObject. And I don't want that to happen. I want to load only relevant data into respective InfoObjects from the PSA using DTPs.

I have tried to setup filters in DTPs with different Selection Parameters and tried to load relevant InfoObjects. For example, I am trying to load ZEHS_SUBS InfoObject with EHS_INJ_SUB_SUBSTANCE as the Selection Parameter. There are 54 records in both Source System and PSA for this parameter.

And the request is showing 54 in Transferred Records but only the very last 1 in Added Records. When I check in the Target (ZEHS_SUBS) InfoObject, it is showing only 1 Record. I have tried many combinations. They are:

1. Loaded only EHS_INJ_SUB_SUBSTANCE data from Source System into PSA and then tried to execute the relevant DTP.

2. Checked the 'Do Not Extract from PSA but Access Data Source (for Small Amounts of Data) and tried it.

3. Tried with both Delta and Full Extraction Mode.

4. Set Filter on Single Value as 'EHS_INJ_SUB_SUBSTANCE' to extract this data only.

5. Set Filter Excluding all the other Single Values.

6. Checked the 'Handle Duplicate Record Keys'.

Still only the last 1 records out of 54 is showing up in the Target InfoObject.

Please let me know if you have any idea as to why this is happening so.

Thanks for your time.