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data consistency monitor CIF deltareport issue

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hi all -

anyone have experience setting up a CIF deltareport monitoring object within BPMon?  i followed the instructions in the best practices guid to create one, but don't see an option to Choose type of monitor "Application Monitor" listed under step 7 below.

i'm in our SCM solution, business scenario "SCM - Demand and Supply Planning" -> "Supply Network Planning Heuristic" -> and process "Plan supply network by using..." and from there i don't see the option in step 7.  and in the resulting create monitor I see nothing regarding CIF monitoring.  we do have the prerequisite of having CIF variants set up in the managed system also.

any help would be greatly appreciated!


1. Call the SAP Solution Manager (trx DSWP or SOLUTION_MANAGER)

2. Choose your solution.

3. Go to “Operation Setup” and navigate to “Solution Monitoring” -> “Business Process Monitoring”.

4. Choose “Setup Business Process Monitoring”

5. Check “Business Processes”: Select a business process for Application Monitoring.

6. Check for your chosen business process: Choose process steps to monitor

7. Check for your chose step: Choose type of monitor; here “Application Monitor”

8. In the next check “Application Monitoring”, choose the “CIF Comparison/Reconciliation for Transaction

Data” (DCAPOCCR) in column “Monitor Name”. You can additionally enter a short text in column

“Monitoring Object Name”

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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d'oh.  a simple reload of the monitor definitions did the trick...

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