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Data classes during 2004s upgrade & report RSDG_DatCls_Assign

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BW Experts,

I'm preparing for a 2004s upgrade, and on page 71 of the SAP Netweaver 2004s Business Intelligence ABAP upgrade guide, it states that dataclasses that don't use proper naming conventions will no longer be supported, and to create a new data class and use report RSDB_DADCLS_ASSIGN to move your cubes over to the new data class.

I cannot find good help within SAP for this, and after reading several posts, I still have some questions:

1) Is there an easy way to quickly check my cubes to see what data classes they are assigned to? I can use SE11 and look at the Technical Settings to see the data class individually, but there has to be a better way.

2) Below is a list of the data classes that show up in the table DDart. It appears that only two are Customer data classes, and they seem to match the naming convention (user, user1). From this list it appears I don't have anything to worry about - is this true?

APPL0 STD Master data, transparent tables

APPL1 STD Transaction data, transparent tables

APPL2 STD Organization and customizing

CLUST CPT Phys. cluster table




POOL CPT Phys. pooled table

SAUS SYS Exchange tables for upgrades

SDIC SYS ABAP Dictionary Table

SDOCU SYS Documentation

SLDEF SYS Repositoryswitch tablespace 640

SLEXC SYS Repositoryswitch tablespace 640

SLOAD SYS Screen and report loads


SSDEF SYS Repositoryswitch tablespace 640

SSEXC SYS Repositoryswitch tablespace 640

SSRC SYS Source for screens and reports

TEMP INT Temporary table for converter

USER USR Customer data class

USER1 USR Customer data class

We're currently running BW 3.5 in Oracle/Unix.

As always, any help is greatly appreciated.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks Srinivas, but I was hoping to dig a little deeper.

What exactly is a DDart data class? The table where they are stored is called DDart, so logically shouldn't they all be considered DDart data classes?

Also, I was looking for a method of reporting what data class each infoprovider was using.


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DDART data classes were set up in the customer system, that do not correspond to the naming conventions that are described in SAP Note 46272. These data classes were assigned to InfoCubes in the maintenance transaction RSDCUBE.

These data classes are lost during the upgrade, since only data classes that use the naming conventions are saved.

This means that the tables that are generated for an InfoCubes cannot be activated correctly. This produces the error message unknown data classes in the technical settings.

You can use the RSDG_DATCLS_ASSIGN report to solve this problem. This report assigns InfoCubes to other, correct data classes. This report enables you to convert groups of InfoCubes from an old (invalid) data class into new data classes.

There is no seperate method to check the data classes, One assuption is you can go to Techinical settings of anytable and Droup down the data classes present in it.You will be able to see the list of data classes present in the system.

Its just an assumption that we will ba able to see the list of data classes assigned to all cubes.By this way we will be able to know the data classes present in the system. I suggest manual way of checking the data classes for all cubes and just for reference use the above method.



It will show all the data

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Only DDART data classes have the problem with the naming convensions as per note 46272. remaining data classes should not have any issue.

RSDB_DADCLS_ASSIGN is used to change the data class to a standared one for any given cube.

But in your case I feel that there are no inconsistant data classes.